"Motion pictures are for people who like to watch women..."  -Boyd McDonald, Cruising the Movies

There aren't that many things we like more than watching movies - except maybe talking about, quoting, and re-living them.  This podcast is full of the same kinds of conversations we have on a daily basis, so we thought we'd share them with the world.  As we thought about the cinematic stories we most responded to, it became clear we'd have to focus on actresses.  Sure, men are fine and all - but who wants to watch them for two hours at a time?

So often in Hollywood cinema, men are your stoic heroes driving the plot, while women are delivering something far more transporting.  Feelings?  Soul?  Identification?  For us, at least, that's usually how it works.  The actresses of the 90's are the women we grew up with and re-watching each film on this list has been a journey back in time.  These were the women who glimmered at us from the covers of VHS cassettes as we cruised the aisles of Kiernan's Video Shop in Lanesborough, County Longford, and Video To Go in Milton, Massachusetts.  Though we were born in different decades, these films improbably represent a kind of shared history, tinged forever with the particular taste of growing up. They're not the movies our families took us to, but the films we chose to watch ourselves. 

Part of the fun has been getting to know each other better by sharing the other's treasured movie memories, even when the films themselves are not quite as we recalled.  Whether masterpieces, trash or middlebrow fare, they've all got at their center a woman we love, most of whom we don't see enough of anymore.  We hope you enjoy spending time with them, and us.

         XOXO, Seán & Brian