Episode 048


She kept her clothes and kept her space. She kept her nose to spite her face! Who else could it be but BARBRA? Simply, Barbra. Long before she was in the business of cloning domestic mammals, Barbra Streisand was an ACTRESS. And in today's unequivocally good film, THE WAY WE WERE, Babs sparkles as Katie Morosky: The earnest agitprop campus leftie who has eyes for hunky blonde, Hubbell Gardner, the only WASP known to make sweet, sweet honey.

Charting the romance of two ideologically incompatible love-birds, THE WAY WE WERE is the second greatest communist romance (after REDS, of course) and leaves Seán and Brian both in love with Ms. Streisand and in sticky lust with Robert Redford. Barbra couldn’t do any wrong after this, could she? Would she?


How much would you pay for a blowjob? Somewhere in excess of $500? No? Well, wait till you hear who's giving them...

NUTS is a film that could also just be called BAD, in which suspension of disbelief only takes you so far. Good luck believing that Barbra Streisand is a prostitute, that she is potentially mentally incompetent or even that the walls of the courtroom are not made of cardboard. While Seán and Brian may have little praise for the film, it doesn't mean they don't have A LOT to say.

Barbra is Claudia Draper, a working girl caught up in a messy situation. After decapitating Leslie Nielsen, she is forced to fight for her right to stand trial. I mean, okay? Barbra thinks this is a searing look at the criminal justice system, while we think this film is truly criminal. You'll probably never see it, but you'd be NUTS not to listen to this podcast.


A vast meteor, hurtling toward our planet, but sparing us total destruction: so, too, is Barbra Streisand’s A STAR IS BORN. A stratospheric arrival that leads ineluctably to total self-immolation.

Somewhere in between THE STONEY END and TELL HIM (feat. Celine Dion) was a period where Barbra was "hip", "groovy" and "totally far out". Even Barbra must have a few lost years -  this would explain her relationship to illiterate hairdresser Jon Peters, mastermind behind some of Barbra's weirdest moments, including this truly bonkers remake of the remake of the remake.

Barbra provided all her own clothes. Kris Kristofferson provided his nipples. And Sally Kirkland... is actually in this. If that's not enough of a reason to see A STAR IS BORN, listen to the concluding part of our Babs Trilogy and we'll give you a few more.