Episode 029

"Is there really such a thing as the greatest living actress???" Mais oui! And if anyone currently holds the strongest claim to that title it must be Isabelle Huppert. Before her knockout performance in this year's ELLE and her long-overdue Oscar nomination, she was equally transcendent in Michael's Haneke's equally scandalous THE PIANO TEACHER (2001).

Seán and Brian dived deep into the original Viennese novel by Nobel Laureate Elfreide Jelinek-- only to emerge dirty, bruised and stinking of various bodily fluids.  How could this darkly cynical vision of a Classical musician with repressed sadomasochistic desires be translated to the screen? Only by Isabelle, it seems.  We sit down at the keyboard for equal parts Schubert and schmutz -- but does the right hand know what the left hand is doing????